Mike Garner - Glass Gallery

The following are some of my fused, slumped, and stained glass creations.  Click on any picture for a larger, more detailed picture.  Last updated on February 15th, 2004.

Pictures from Mike's Stained Glass Class

Fused Glass Bowl - Fishbowl
Fused Glass Bowl - "Fish Bowl"


Hot glass bowl - Fishbowl

Side view of Mike Garner's fused glass bowl.  Click to see detail.  



Mike Garner fused and slumped bowl with dichroic glass

Slumped bowl made from Bullseye glass.  Has some dichroic glass strips. 


Mike Garner's Moring Glory Panel

Morning glory stained glass panel - Made with diamond bevels and dichroic glass.  Change in color can be seen in detailed picture to the right.

Morning Glory Stained Glass Panel by MIke Garner


Slumped glass candle holder

Slumped glass candle holder made with Spectrum glass.

Slumped glass candle holder by Mike Garner


Slumped bowl with Dichroic Glass

Square bowl made from black iridized, cobalt blue and dichroic coated glass.  Matching coasters on the right.

Fused Glass Coasters by Mike Garner


Sunflower Stained Glass Panel with Fused Glass Beads

12" square sunflower panel.  Center has fused green and light purple balls.


Beveled Glass Candle Holder

Beveled glass candle holder sitting on a piece of iridized black glass.  On the right a beveled glass cube with sand and sea shells inside.

Beveled Glass Cube with Shells


Fused Glass Bowl with Clear Strips

15" Bowl made from a special order Bullseye Glass.  Clear strips were fired on top.

Slumped Glass Bowl on Counter



15" Bowl made from Clear, Cranberry Pink, and Cobalt Blue Bullseye Glass.



Grapevine Under Construction

36"x14" Original Grapevine Pattern.

Completed Grapevine




12" x 18" Iris Panel, Lower petals are made from a German mouth blown streaky pink purple antique glass.  The bud is magenta dichroic coated glass.

Stained Glass Clown Fish with Frame

25" Across Rainbow Clown Fish made mostly of Spectrum glass.


Candle Holder

Left - Candle Holder made using Bullseye glass fused and then fired in a drop mold.

Right - Fan lamp light made with strips of Spectrum glass fused then fired on a fluted plate mold.

Lamp Lit

Lamp Off


Clown Fish No Frame

Same clown fish panel before it was framed.

Multilayer Dichroic Glass Frame

7" x 7" Fused Frame made with several layers of dichroic coated glass and multi-colored  glass balls.  The picture is from a Big Bear, California camping trip  that didn't go as planned . A cold front moved in overnight with 6" of snow in late May.


Black Irid. Bowl

12" x 12" Fused Glass Platter made with Uroboros black iridized fibroid , yellow dichroic coated, and cobalt blue glass.

Slumped Float Glass Vase

10" x 10", 11.5" tall Slumped Glass Vase made with float glass.


Iris Bowl

13" Fused Iris Bowl made with Bullseye Glass.  Left picture is on a counter top and right picture is with back light.

Iris Bowl with Back Light


Arkansas Razorback Stained Glass

38" x 31" Arkansas Razorback Panel in maHOGany wood frame.  This was my first copper foil project.  One can tell that the design was not made by someone with a lot of experience.  This panel took me over 200 hours to complete.

Arkansas Razorbacks - Stained Glass by Mike Garner


Iris Stained Glass Panel with dichroic glass by Mike Garner

Iris Magenta Dichroic Visible

24" x 51" Iris Panel  Bottom right iris was made from blue coated dichroic glass.  The first picture shows the transmission of blue light and the second picture shows the transmission of magenta light. The background glass has a texture like droplets of molten glass. It was very difficult to cut.  This panel took around 100 hours to complete. 

Bloom Zoom

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